phpBBMembershipProvider supports lots of configuration keys in order to customize it.

Currently supported

Key name Required? Accepted values Default value Notes
connectionStringName yes string the name of the connection string specified into web.config
readOnly boolean true allow or deny the provider the possibility to write onto database
tablePrefix string "phpbb_" the prefix used by phpbb to create his own tables
useMD5 boolean false in order to use this, you need to patch the phpbb_hash() function in functions.php and fix your database
enablePasswordReset string true
maxInvalidPasswordAttempts integer 0 0 = infinity
minRequiredNonAlphanumericCharacters integer 0
minRequiredPassworLength integer 0
passwordAttemptWindow integer 15 minutes
passwordStrengthRegularExpression string if the string is null or empty, there will be no check

To do

Key name Required? Accepted values Default value Notes
phpBBCookieName string the name of the cookie used by phpBB in order to save session's info

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